Places to visit in Trinidad

Places to visit in Trinidad that are enjoyable. Here are some lists of places to visit in Trinidad. We also provide articles when going to places to visit in Trinidad.

Many of the hiking trips in Trinidad lead to waterfalls where people go for places to visit. One of them is the Paria waterfall. It is a great place to hike and enjoy nature at the same time. You may need to take along a guide or someone who's done the hike before.

Paria Waterfall is located on the North Coast near to Brasso Seco, a small village in the Northern Range. A short trail from Paria Beach leads to Paria waterfall. Below the falls, there is a clear, deep pool that is suitable for bathing. The heliconia, fringed lilies, and philodendron that border the pool in part, create the peaceful atmosphere. Here is short guide on how to get here:

There are two routes that are generally used to reach to this waterfall.

places to visit in trinidad paria waterfall

A 120 minute walk through forest from the north coast village of Blanchisseuse will take you to Paria Beach. The Paria River, which runs from the mountains of the Northern Range to the sparkling Caribbean Sea, is a favorite with hikers because of its lovely waterfall.

Past the Arima-Blanchisseuse Road at the 12 1/2 mile-post, eastwards for about four (4) miles (6.4 km), lies Brasso Seco. The Paria-Morne Bleu Road and the Sansi Trace are located along this route. A (60 degree) trail at the 4 3/4 mile-post signals the entrance to the forest.

The trail is good and clear with no turnings off, and it winds towards the north. The route takes one past the Jordan River and over a hill. The beach is an hour away. A (2) minute walk leads to a wooden bridge over the Paria River. A five (5) minute walk up the right bank of the river brings one to the spectacular waterfall.



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