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Today I want to show you great places to visit in Trinidad. Grande Riviere and a great hotel to stay. Grande Riviere is known for turtle watching.

Grande Riviere is a village on the north coast of the island of Trinidad, west of Toco and east of Matelot. Grande Riviere is one of the more remote places in Trinidad since it is connected to the rest of the island by a single road which runs along the coast to Toco and then crosses the Northern Range running parallel to the east coast. Grande Riviere is a popular with ecotourists as it provides an important nesting beach for Leatherback Turtles (Dermochelys coriacea) and it is the only place where it is possible to see the endangered Trinidad Piping Guan or Pawi.

Mature leatherback turtles can be seen laying their eggs during the night between March and June, while hatchlings can be seen emerging from the sand between June and August. Because of the many predators of the leatherback turtles, the Grande Riviere Environmental Action Trust (GREAT) runs a program where they collect hatching turtles before they can be attacked by Black Vultures (locally known as Corbeaux), and release them into the ocean after a few days to increase their chance of survival.

There are three hotels located right on the beach one of which also fronts the river. It is possible to watch the turtles hatch or lay eggs from your veranda or cafe, or you can go with a hotel sponsored guide at night who will find turtles and answer any questions you have about them. The hotel recommended when going to places In Trinidad in Grande Riviere is Le Grande Almandier Hotel.

Le Grande Almandier Hotel

This small, fishing village of three hundred and fifty people (350) is still one of the most naturally beautiful spots on the island. While Grande Riviere is situated on the North Coast, the access road makes its way up the picturesque East Coast through a series of quaint fishing villages and past some breathtaking coastal views. The remote location has kept development at a minimum and the coastline is still pristine and unspoilt.

Named after the wide flowing river that originates deep in the Northern Range, Grande Riviere boasts a superb beach, which for six months of the year (March 01 – August 31) is one of the nesting sites of the protected Leatherback Turtle. This gentle curve of coarse, yellow sand has remained unchanged for hundreds of years and the only signs of civilization are a few unobtrusive buildings that blend into an otherwise unbroken jungle. Tall, forested headlands border the eastern end of the beach where the Grande Riviere River comes down to meet the sea. It is to this spot that the Leatherback Turtle returns to lay her precious cargo year after year.

The serene surroundings are home to a variety of both bird and wild life and there are also a number of hiking trails and waterfalls to explore.


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