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Places to visit in Trinidad that are enjoyable. Here are some lists of places to visit in Trinidad. We also provide articles when going to places to visit in Trinidad.

For some individuals outdoor recreation is simply relaxing at the beach. Trinidad has numerous beaches and outlined below are some of the beaches found around Trinidad. An excellent source of information on the beaches of Trinidad and Tobago is "A Guide to Beaches and Bays of Trinidad and Tobago" produced by the Institute of Marine Affairs.

Here is the Trinidad beach - Blanchissues:

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L'Anse Martin Beach

Blanchisseuse was first settled by French immigrants to Trinidad in 1783 and is named after the french word for "washer woman". It is located on the north coast of Trinidad and is a small village on the sea coast backed by the Northern Range. There are several rivers in the area. Overall it is an area of rustic charm. It has always been and continues to be a small village with a few small hotels and guest houses along with seaside rental cottages.

The village of Blanchisseuse ends at the suspension bridge that spans the Marianne River. This river enters the sea at Blanchisseuse Bay and freshwater marsh vegetation exists along the banks of the river near the mouth while freshwater swamp forest exists further inland. Kayaking and Camping are popular activities along the Marianne River. After the suspension bridge there is a hiking trail that follows the coast to the village of Matelot. Two other popular hikes in the area are to the Avocat Waterfall and to the Three Pools. The Blanchisseuse area is a favorite of bird watchers particularly along the hiking trail and along the Arima Blanchisseuse Road.

places of interest in trinidad man against the seaThe two most popular beaches in the Blanchisseuse area are Blanchisseuse Bay and L'Anse Martin. Blanchisseuse Bay is at the end of the North Coast Road and is approximately 1.4 kilometers in length. The popularity of this beach stems, not from the sea, which has plunging breakers and strong rip currents, but from the swimming in the mouth of the Marianne River which enters the sea at this bay. There are several entrances to this bay. The easiest and most popular entrance is at the side of the restaurant attached to the Laguna Mar Beach Hotel. At this point a concrete walkway leads from the road to the beach. This entry point is popular because it leads directly to the section of the beach where the Marianne River meets the sea. It is a picturesque walkway with a mixture of heliconia, ginger lilies and swamp vegetation lining both sides. It is also possible to access the bay at its eastern end.

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L' Anse Martin is a small beach with the entrance to the beach being via a concrete footpath opposite Surfside Inn. Parking is on the side of the roadway in the immediate vicinity of the each and persons then walk down the footpath to the beach. The beach is composed of fine hite powdery sand with a backdrop of mainly almond and coconut trees. At both ends of the each there are small rock pools. For most of the year this beach has moderate surf with only a gentle westward drifting current. L' Anse Martin is sometimes used by weekend surfers as it is easily accessed, being only one hour's drive from Port of Spain. The beach does not normally have large crowds and so surfers do not generally have to contend with the problem of bathers being in their path while they are riding a wave.

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Other beaches in the area are Damien Bay, Stone Steps, Yarra and opposite the police station. Damien Bay is on the western outskirts of Blanchisseuse village where you first begin to encounter seaside homes but before you get to the heart of the village with the shops, Police Station and Health Center. On the main road after passing Yarra River and immediately before the Wasa Pumping Station the road takes a left turn and on the bend there is a track on the left. This track leads to Damien Beach. The track is wide enough for vehicles to drive to the beach and cars can be parked along the edge of the track. Damien Bay has a wide flat sandy shore backed by a variety of shade trees.

In the western half of Blanchissuesse village, after you pass the intersection of the North Coast Road and the Arima-Blanchisseuesse Road, there is along series of steps that lead from the main road to the top road. Directly opposite these steps is a short dead-end street with a Ministry of Works compound on the corner. At the end of this street it is possible to walk behind the Ministry of Works compound and access some concrete steps that lead to a beach. This beach we have named Stone Steps beach. This beach has golden sand and is shaded by trees growing out of the cliff face. There is a sharp drop on entering the water and there are rocks in the water but the clarity of the water is superb. Above the beach at the end of the road there is a nice liming area with a strong sea breeze, concrete benches and table shaded by young coconut trees, perfect for a cook.

Beyond Blanchisseuse

For many individuals beach going ends at the spring bridge that spans the Marianne River. This suspension bridge is one of the two remaining bridges of this type in Trinidad, with the other located at La Ruffin in Moruga. It has become an attraction and some people visit simply to feel the undulating motion as you drive across while others come to admire the beauty of the scene.

While many believe that the beaches end at the bridge, hikers have long known that there are beautiful beaches beyond. The road after the bridge is the starting point for the hike to Paria and Matelot. After the bridge the road is composed of packed gravel and then eventually becomes hard dirt and grass. It is possible to drive for a considerable distance along this road and reach the two beaches described in this section. The drive is however best accomplished in the dry season as there are sections along the road where the passage of vehicles has created mud pools, which even 4-wheel drive vehicles have difficulty navigating, and there are two sections where the road surface is smooth clay on an incline.

If one begins at the suspension bridge, after 0.4 kilometers you encounter the first major mud pool opposite a new housing development. The majority of individuals choose to park their car at this point and continue on foot. Along this leg of the trail there are a few beach/country houses set on either side. After approximately 20 minutes you encounter a cream house set slightly above the trace. The trail bends right, then goes straight and then bends left. On the left bend there is a track on the left, opposite a metal gate and marked by two metal poles. This track leads downhill to Ti Delma beach.

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Ti Delma is set within a small cove and because of its location is usually empty and when occupied it generally at most has two or three young people. The beach has evidence of sand flies but they are only a problem in the rainy season during the early mornings and late afternoons. Ti Delma is used for camping and there is room for at least three small groups.

As you continue along the trail after Ti Delma, a variety of birds are heard and seen. Particularly eye catching are the silver-beaked tanagers with their velvety red almost maroon feathers and silver-white beaks. Among the various clumps of heliconia, hummingbirds hover drawing their daily supply of nectar.

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After a thirty minute walk you encounter Laspor beach. There two large rocks stand like center pieces on a tableau of the roiling sea. A small grove of almond and coconut trees at the entrance, combined with the sea breeze provides a refreshing cool spot after the walk. This is a beach that exists exactly as nature made it. There are no facilities and everything that you require must be brought with you (and taken back when you leave). The sea at Laspor can be very rough, especially when the tide is rising, and so the beach is best suited for relaxing and developing a harmony with nature.

For those who do not want to endure the full rigors of a hike to Paria but still want to enjoy the gifts of our North Coast, a hike to these two beaches is a perfect introduction.



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