Places to visit in Trinidad

Places to visit in Trinidad that are enjoyable. Here are some lists of places to visit in Trinidad. We also provide articles when going to places to visit in Trinidad.

By Michael E Robinson

Visiting the two-island getaway Trinidad and Tobago is like hitting two birds with one stone. Travelers may opt to get settled in one of the old colonial estate houses set in secluded forests, and actually enjoy watching a variety of birds. Those who prefer a posh hotel with modern amenities and which offer recreational facilities for activities like tennis and golf will also find an abundance of these.

The diverse characteristics of the two islands may be traced to the era when Europeans dominated them and ushered African slaves and Hindu workers to settle there. While Trinidad is a lively cosmopolitan island that perks up even more when festival season comes around, Tobago - with its fishing communities - is more laid back and entices families and other travelers who are drawn by its serene charm.

Island tours enable scores of travelers to appreciate both the outward beauty and the best-kept secrets of Trinidad and Tobago. Reasonably priced hiking tours will enable travelers to see lush rainforests. Other Caribbean travel packages featuring guided tours will reveal numerous places of interests like museums, Hindu bazaars and places of worship, and take part in some cultural activities. Those who prefer to explore the two-island destination at their own pace may go check out the numerous shops dotting the streets. Bustling Trinidad offers many finds, including foreign items like special deals on French fragrances, and native crafts and apparel. The smaller of the two islands - Tobago - also offers its share of handicrafts along with fresh produce and apparel & home decors with an oriental touch.

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